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Moab Utah Rock Climbing
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Moab Utah Rock Climbing

The Moab Utah rock climbing is one of the most amazing, thrilling, action-packed locations for the rock climbers to show their extreme climbing skills. Moab Utah has several places for rock climbing.

Castleton Tower is the well-known desert tower in the world, and in Moab Utah it was one of the firt ones to be climbed. There are over a fifty climbs that are famous in North America. Kor-Ingalls is one of them. There is a route in Castleton too which is as difficult as this one. There are routes that are more difficult. These routes are composed of Wingate Sandstone and have a crust of calcite.

Castleton Tower at Castle Rock is most preferred choice for the person who has come for Moab Utah rock climbing. It is not a surprise for anyone day in the spring and fall to have several climbers on the tower.

Directions drive as far up the dirt road as you start your Moab Utah rock climbing. Look for a cairn on the right made of white rocks and do not be tempted to depart the road too early. There is a brilliant trail to the base of a small overhang band, and at this point, it turns towards the Priest and the Rectory.

The approach takes an hour if you are in shape, but it is exhausting.

The tower that is located on the opposite side of Castleton is free standing and is known as The Priest. This tower is named such because its shape resembles that of a priest. You may wish to have one present if you are not solid on off widths. This is one of the favorite towers in Castle Valley, and the peak is absolutely spectacular.

Honeymoon Chimney is the route to be opted if Castleton is crowded. The bottom part lies in the shady region, so try this only on warm days.

The Kingfisher is the nearest of the big towers to the parking lot, and among the easiest to climb while on your Moab Utah rock climbing. One of the easy aid routes in Fisher Towers is the Colorado Ridge.

The Kingfisher also has a selection of very difficult and dangerous aid routes, 2 of which were put up by Jim Beyer on his own. You will definitely shudder as you walk below the Death of American Democracy on the way to the Colorado Ridge.

The climbers trail goes up all the way from the Titan Trail to a passage between Cottontail Tower and the Ancient Art. There are many climbers who embark on their Moab Utah rock climbing adventures, and find that the easiest way is usually the toughest to find.

Big Bend has many great boulders located near the highway at the shady regions of Dolomite Tower and Lighthouse. It is hard to believe that when your hands are too shredded to jam, there are jugs available for you to hang onto.

Drive along north on River Road from Moab. A short way after the Big Bend camping area, you will come across a parking area that lies just on the right side of this road. This unmarked spot is a short distance away from the group camping spot.

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